ETA, SCIL-EMV Academy launches new education initiative

ETAThe Electronic Transactions Association and SCIL-EMV Academy, experts in EMV training, recently announced a new training and education initiative designed for ETA members to help them promote the EMV chip-based system in the U.S. payments industry.

“Education is essential to a successful U.S. EMV migration and we are delighted to collaborate with SCIL-EMV Academy on this new education initiative,” Jason Oxman, the CEO of ETA, said. “This program is a valuable resource to our members as they develop strategies that maximize new market opportunities in the growing U.S. EMV and mobile commerce landscape.”

The program will provide ETA members with technical and business information, as well as training, to promote the migration of the U.S. payments industry to EMV chip-based credit and debit cards.

SCIL-EMV Academy will provide five workshops, and EMV courses will be arranged privately, both onsite and online, at Academy workshops across the country. The first workshops will be available this month on the ETA and Academy websites.

“The ETA provides high value programs for its members and we are excited to partner with ETA to provide EMV training to its members and the payments industry,” SCIL-EMV Academy Executive Director Stewart Chalmers said. “The curriculum is designed exclusively around ETA members’ needs – addressing EMV acquirers’ technical and business challenges alike.”

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