EMV credit card readers now available with NTC Texas

NTC TexasNTC Texas recently announced the availability of a new portfolio of Europay, Mastercard and Visa ready credit card readers that are designed to assist businesses prepare for the upcoming EMV fraud liability shift.

NTC Texas, a payment processor that represents revenue-cycle solutions throughout the Untied States and Canada, said that EMV is a global standard for the interoperation of chip card technology.

The United States is behind many other countries with its implementation of EMV standards, which are used in a large portion of the world and function as a collective effort to ensure security and global collaboration.

EMV replaces the magnetic strip found on credit cards with an embedded smart chip. The technology is designed to create enhanced levels of security and to protect private account information. It is intended for use with credit card terminals and ATMS.

“We are excited to present our customers with a line of products that will not only dramatically increase their level of security at the point of sale, but also prepare them for upcoming changes in processing regulations with the implementation of EMV,” Linda Borek, the president and CEO of NTC Texas, said “It’s also refreshing to see the U.S. making forward progress in this important global initiative.”

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