eLayway launches hosted layaway solution for small, medium retailers

eLayaway recently announced the launch of Hosted Layaway Department SMB, a new product designed to provide small- and medium-sized retail stores the ability to establish and automate their own layaway program efficiently.

“This is a no-brainer for retailers looking for a unique and affordable way to attract more customers, increase sales and, more importantly, increase profits,” Bruce Harmon, eLayaway’s CFO, said, according to Herald Online.

The new version, unlike the previous version, offers software as a service approach, which makes it more cost-efficient for the average retailer. The approach eliminates adoption barriers, such as cost, implementation time and IT integration, and will allow firms to service a larger market.

eLayaway’s new solution helps retailers create and implement a turnkey layaway program online, which can be accessed through the retailer’s website using a link, making the system easy to promote and maintain. Physical retailers can use the program to put their merchandise online or support an in-store layaway kiosk.

“Retailers are looking for a quick and affordable solution to building and supporting their own layaway programs,” Tom Carluccio, Jr., the vice president of IT and operations at eLayaway, said, Herald Online reports. “By simplifying our solution and making it more affordable for the average retailer, we not only increase retailer adoption, we are also expanding our network and providing even more value and places to shop for our existing members.”

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