Discover partners with Network International to allow Mercury Network access

Discover_FinancialDiscover Financial Services and Network International, a payment solutions provider in the Middle East, recently partnered to allow the acceptance of Mercury Network cards on Discover, Diners Club and Pulse Networks for purchases outside of the region.

Mercury cards will now be accepted in more than 185 countries and territories, and the long-term agreement will allow NI to support credit and debit cards around the world.

NI formally initiated the plan last month with the introduction of a prepaid card in the United Arab Emirates, which will enable companies to compensate employees who do not have access to a traditional bank account.

“This alliance is another example of Discover’s flexibility, unique positioning in the market and ability to support and encourage domestic payment networks around the world,” Diane Offereins, executive vice president and president of Discover Payment Services, said. “By partnering with regional payment networks such as Network International, Discover is able to leverage its assets to grow volume and increase brand awareness in places like the U.A.E., one of the fastest growing economies in the world. We’re also providing our partners with customized solutions to help them achieve global reach and address localized preferences.”

Discover has established a number of alliances across several countries, including China, Japan, Korea, Serbia, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, India and throughout Europe, which allow consumers to access Discover’s networks and allow merchants to boost payment volume.

“Our alliance with Discover is a significant milestone for Network International and another major step in our strategic payment network growth plan and expansion goals,” NI CEO Bhairav Trivedi said. “The new agreement with Discover Financial Services provides our issuing members with new options for ATM and POS access around the globe, while Mercury is customizing our card network programs specifically to the needs of our financial institution partners and their customers.”

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