Deloitte Tax partners with Vertex to align tax software technologies

TaxesDeloitte Tax, a tax technology consulting firm, partnered with Vertex last week to align their tax software technologies.

“Deloitte understands the critical importance of the integration of tax and technology to our clients,” Deloitte Tax Chairman and CEO Carl Allegretti said. “Our alliance with Vertex helps tax departments transform their people, process, technology and data for better performance and added value to their organizations. Leading these critical business process changes further enhances Deloitte’s position as a trusted advisor among tax, finance, IT and operations executives. The approach to integrate tax and technology also differentiates Deloitte from competitors.”

Vertex’s offerings, which include global tax technology products for businesses for both indirect and direct corporate tax challenges, align with Deloitte’s specializations. The partnership will also allow Deloitte to provide clients using the cloud-based Deloitte Tax Nerve center, with a demonstration of Vertex’s capabilities.

“The alliance between Vertex and Deloitte allows our clients to integrate refined tax processes with the latest advances in technology,” Vertex President and CEO Jeff Westphal said. “Vertex offers the most advanced technology in the marketplace for both direct and indirect tax. We look forward to working with Deloitte to bring these solutions and services to the market.”

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