DataOceans upgrades iPDF capabilities for application in payment industry

150px-Original_iPhone_dockedDataOceans, a software solutions and services provider, announced on Wednesday that it would upgrade its existing electronic and interactive PDF capabilities to include mobile delivery solutions for Apple and Droid products.

The new changes will allow consumers to view iPDF files sized to fit the viewing space of their devices—what DataOceans Chief Architect Chien Hsiung describes as “form factor personalization.”

When an iPDF is viewed on a full-size device such as a computer or laptop, the “content density” will be set at its default of maximum, changing to medium when viewed on a tablet device and light when viewed on a mobile phone.

Additionally, the default action phrase for DataOceans iPDFs is “click here to…,” but consumers using mobile devices will have the action phrase “tap to…” that will allow them to access detailed information, including customer service, prior statements and payments, from an appropriately sized iPDF with the content density for their viewing device.

DataOceans provides products and services to firms across many industries, including the payment industry. Their solutions can be bundled with payment offerings without use of the client’s IT resources.

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