CUNA launches survey for credit union exam feedback

CunaThe Credit Union National Association recently launched a new edition of its survey, which allows credit unions to provide feedback on their most recent examinations by the federal or state regulators.

The newest survey covers topics like the length of the exam, how satisfied the institution was with the results of the exam and the problem areas noted by the examiner. It also includes questions used to assess how the institution felt about the exam process and the examiner’s performance, as well as the most significant challenges facing credit unions.

Additionally, the newest survey features an optional section in which credit unios can identify and rate individual examiners.

“The 2012 survey produced much valuable information, which we and several leagues used to good effect in discussions with regulators,” CUNA chief economist Bill Hampel said. “Conducting such a survey positions the leagues and CUNA at the forefront of working to improve a very important aspect of our credit unions’ lives, and provides credit unions with an anonymous, and therefore safe, way to be heard.”

All survey replies are confidential, and any identifying information will not be seen outside of CUNA’s market research department. Only summary results will be posted.

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