Credit unions engage in holiday community outreach

gift moneyAs the holiday season approaches, credit unions across the country have initiated and participated in a number of community outreach efforts.

Minnesota-based CU Companies challenged Tennessee-based CU Community to a month-long food drive in a contest to see which organization could collect the most food.

“Bringing our CUSOs together to help our individual communities in an extension of our intentions to help each other fill a need in the financial realm,” CU Alliance President and CEO Adrian Dominguez said.

Solarity CU in Washington contributed a $22,000 check and wagon filled with toys to the Yakima Valley Memorial Hostpial, where the wagon will be used on field trips.

Three credit unions in Wisconsin, including Community First CU, Fox Communities CU and Winnebago Community CU, will sponsor the Oshkosh Celebration of Lights along Lake Winnebago, where visitors can drive through a display of lights.

Alabama Telco CU in Alabama will donate used cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers, the proceeds of which go towards the purchase of 60-minute prepaid phone cards that are given to service members.

In Texas, Family Eldercare and Amplify CU were selected as part of the “Austin American-Statesman’s” Season for Caring campaign. Jenny Voigt, an Amplify employee volunteer for Family Eldercare, asked for the credit union to help make 76-year-old widow Ethel Black’s home safer through repairs to flooring, ceiling and fencing.

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