Court hears arguments in SmartMetric patent infringement case

GavelA California court began hearing arguments last week in a patent infringement case filed by SmartMetric against Visa and MasterCard for the card companies’ use of so-called EMV cards, or “smart cards.”

In its complaint against the companies, SmartMetric, which makes fingerprint-activated credit and debit cards that use biometric technology to prevent fraud and theft, said Visa and MasterCard allegedly infringed on the company’s patent.

In December, the company appealed a previous ruling in which a judge ruled neither Visa nor MasterCard had infringed on the “464” patent—U.S. Patent 6,792,464—issued in 2004.

SmartMetric is seeking $13.4 billion in prepaid royalties from the credit card companies for “selling, offering to sell and using contact and contact/contactless credit card systems that use datacards that, when inserted into a data card reader, help to establish connection to a network… that infringe” on its patent.

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