Contest challenges students to develop personal finance game mission

Council for Economic EducationThe Council for Economic Education is currently hold a contest for students to develop a new mission for the online personal finance game Gen i Revolution, which allows students to complete missions involving financial challenges.

The contest is team-based, consisting of up to five members per team. In order to be eligible to compete, each team must be sponsored by a teacher, and the submission must include both a 60-second video and written submission.

Winners will be selected for two prizes—the Viewers’ Choice Prize and the CEE’s Choice Prize. Facebook users will vote on submissions for the Viewers’ Choice award, while the CEE award will be decided by the CEE based on the quality of the application and video.

Each student of the winning teams will win a $25 iTunes gift card, and the sponsoring teacher will receive a $1,000 American Express gift certificate for use in the classroom.

Applications and submissions will be accepted up through April 18. Facebook voting opens on April 22 and will close on April 29, and winners will be announced on April 30.

The submission chosen by the CEE will be added to the 15 missions available to approximately 130,000 high school student Gen i Revolution users.

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