CKE Restaurants signs data security agreement with ControlScan

CKE_Restaurants_LogoCKE Restaurants Holdings, the owner and operator of brands like Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, recently signed an agreement with ControlScan to ensure the security of customer data.

For many quick-service restaurants, payment card acceptance contributes to a large percentage of sales revenue, and customers who pay by card usually spend more than cash customers.

Data security has become an increasingly discussed and touched-upon issue in the retail and restaurant industries due to the rising occurrence of data breaches.

ControlScan, based in Atlanta, allows small and mid-sized business owners to understand their obligations under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard—or PCI DSS. CKE will fund the delivery of ControlScan’s PCI 1-2-3 program to its franchisees.

“Our new agreement with ControlScan helps remove barriers to payment security and PCI compliance at the store level by giving our franchisees easy access to expert, step-by-step guidance and support,” CKE CTO Tom Lindblom said. “Security of our customers’ credit card data has always been a high priority for us and hence we are making additional investments in this initiative on behalf of our franchises. We want our customers to confidently use their debit and credit cards at all our restaurants. ControlScan will work with our franchises to further enhance security, based on widely accepted and dynamically evolving PCI-DSS guidance.”

Jethro Felton, the executive vice president of sales and business development at ControlScan, stressed the importance of PCI-related compliance education for businesses.

“Like any small business owner, the restaurant franchisee needs steadfast support in the form of education, easy-to-use products and support services that simplify the complexity of PCI compliance,” Felton said. “We are excited to work with CKE Restaurants’ franchisees to raise the security posture of each store, which will in turn benefit the CKE system as a whole.”

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