Chirpify adds ability to process direct electronic payment transactions

ChirpifyMembers of Chirpify are now able to accept electronic payments, according to the a Wednesday announcement from Chirpify.

Chirpify is a social commerce and payments company that enables businesses and consumers to buy, sell, pay and fundraise in-stream on social media. Transactions on the platform have previously been made through PayPal.

The new payment feature requires consumers to sign up at the company’s home web page and enter in credit card, debit card or bank routing information.

Chirpify processes the billing information and members are subsequently able to make purchases by replying to a tweet on a Twitter account, commenting on a Facebook status or posting on Instagram using the words “buy,” “donate” or “gimmie.”

“Our brands and members want optionality when it comes to paying and payment acceptance,” Chirpify CEO Chris Teso said. “With direct payment processing we are making the transaction as frictionless as possible for consumers, eliminating the need to connect with another payment platform outside of Chirpify.”

American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa credit cards are all accepted on the new system.

Teso said its brands will benefit because the direct payment acceptance lowers fees by eliminating the need for a third party and enables wider acceptance beyond PayPal.

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