Chase’s Ink unveils new receipt capture feature for Jot app

250px-Chase_logo_2007.svgChase’s Ink business card portfolio recently announced a new receipt capture feature for Jot, a free mobile app and tool designed to help business owners track, categorize and organize business expenses using Apple and Android devices.

After a business owner makes a purchase on their Ink card, Jot sends an alert, and customers can immediately assign the purchase to a specific expense category. Customers can take a photo of a receipt using the Jot app and attach it to purchases made on the Ink card. Businesses can then sort transactions, download and print receipts, as well as download reports containing purchases and receipts into software like QuickBooks and Excel.

“Small business owners are constantly on the go and do not want to be reconciling reports with a shoebox full of receipts,” Richard Quigley, the president of Chase’s Ink card program, said. “More than half of all active Jot users use the app from their smartphone while on the go. Receipt capture now allows Jot users to better and more easily organize their back office by throwing out that shoebox and taking those categorized receipts with them wherever they go. With less time spent reconciling receipts, small business owners and their employees can devote more time to growing their businesses.”

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