Chase Paymentech Europe launches payment page to improve customer data security

Chase PaymentechChase Paymentech Europe recently launched its Dynamic Hosted Payments Page, which will allow European e-commerce merchants to improve security measures.

“Creating a secure, seamless and compliant payment experience should not be a daunting task,” Shane Fitzpatrick, the president and managing director of Chase Paymentech Europe, said. “With the Dynamic Hosted Payments Page, Chase Paymentech makes it easy for European merchants to protect customers’ payment account data and provide a payment experience that instills confidence while helping to meet payment compliance standards.”

Merchants that use the page to submit a payment transaction do not store, process or transmit cardholder information, which allows the merchant to reduce its Payment Card Industry compliance responsibilities.

Online shoppers are instead taken to a Chase Paymentech secure page at checkout for final payment processing. After the transaction is complete, the customer is returned to the shopping cart app where the order status is updated.

Dynamic Hosted Payments Page, which is offered as part of the Orbital Payment Gateway that provides internet-based payment processing, establishes a payment page that maintains the merchant’s branding and design.

Orbital offers merchants the ability to save sensitive customer information under a unique profile number assigned per customer, thereby eliminating the need to store contact or credit card information in-house. It also allows returning customers to make further purchases without having to re-enter payment information.

Additionally, Orbital automatically updates expired cards when customers complete their checkout, providing merchants with current and up-to-date card information. Customers are also able to complete a 3D Secure authentication without handing secure card data to merchants and without having to re-enter full card details on repeat visits.

The technology also provides real-time fraud analysis via a strong fraud management solution, providing security and the optimal customer experience through a single-source provider. Each transaction is checked against a global database of credit card transaction activity, providing the merchant with real-time information.

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