Chase launches resource center for consumers to maintain spending, saving habits

250px-Chase_logo_2007.svgChase Blueprint recently launched the Resource Center for Mindful Spending, an initiative center intended to help consumers improve their financial future, as part of an effort to help consumers maintain good financial habits.

“As consumers begin to feel more optimistic about their financial situation, it’s more important than ever that we help them maintain good spending habits,” Florian Egg-Krings, the general manager at Chase Blueprint, said. “That’s why Chase Blueprint is launching a new initiative that provides research and information to help nurture a mindful spending movement. Together, we can help consumers strengthen the responsible spending and borrowing habits developed over the last few years.”

The announcement came after data from the Chase Blueprint Pulse of the Consumer Survey found that more than 75 percent of Americans say their personal finances are stable or improving, up 11 percent from last year.

Forty-five percent of consumers said their personal finances have bottomed out and are improving, up 14 percent from last year, while 61 percent of Americans said the national economy had bottomed out and is stable or improving. Sixty-seven percent of Americans say their local economy is stable or improving.

Consumer spending has also risen amid rising consumer confidence in the economy. Thirty-nine percent of consumers said they are spending the same or more than they did pre-recession, with vacations, clothing and dining out in the top spending categories.

Consumers have also placed increasing importance on savings. Forty-five percent of Americans said they are saving more, a nine percent increase from last year. More than 50 percent of Americans indicated, however, that they have not been saving more as a result of economic troubles.

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