Chase customers to receive instant-issue debit cards by year-end

Before the end of the year, Chase customers will be able to obtain personalized debit cards in 2,000 bank branches across several regions, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

“Instant-issue is a real time-saver for our customers,” Brad Nola, Chase’s head of design of branch innovation, said. “Customers can enter their local branch, select a debit card of their choice, select a PIN and begin using their card immediately. And if a customer’s card is lost or damaged, they can get a new one right there.”

The bank also plans to implement instant-issue technology in another 800 branches across the country next year, as well as offer instant-issue for Chase credit cards and its Chase Liquid reloadable prepaid card.

Instant-issue technology is the latest development in Chase’s efforts to simplify and make the banking experience more convenient for its customers. The bank worked closely with Datacard Group to implement the technology in its branches.

Additionally, based on the Pew Health Group’s recommendations, Chase is also the first large bank to adopt a simple checking disclosure. The bank has also reduced and eliminated a number of checking account fees, launched its first Twitter-based customer service outlet and implemented self-service banking kiosks that allow customers to complete many of their own transactions.

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