Chase adds EMV technology to second credit card

EMV chip technology is now available on a second Chase credit card, making it easier for Chase card holders to process transactions overseas.

EMV technology replaces magnetic stripes that are considered less secure and inconvenient when traveling abroad, reports. Instead of sliding the card through a reader, the chip card is contact-less and processes a transaction with a wave at a payment terminal.

The United States has been considered slow to adopt EMV technology as more than 130 countries are already using chip cards. American travelers have experienced difficulty making purchases from kiosks, gas pumps and other unattended foreign registers as a result.

The J.P. Morgan Select Visa Signature card follows the J.P. Morgan Palladium credit card as the second credit card in the company’s portfolio to have EMV chip technology, according to

The J.P. Morgan Select credit card has the new technology as well as the traditional magnetic strip, allowing purchases to be made at vendors unable to process chip cards within the United States.

"Offering EMV chip technology on the J.P. Morgan Select credit card is an expansion of our ongoing commitment to offer customers the highest level of security and convenience when traveling abroad,” David Porter, a general manager for Chase Card Services, a division of JPMorgan Chase & Co., said.

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