Card Nanny allows consumers to track monthly credit card purchases

Credit_CardMany consumers find it difficult to keep track of credit card benefits and payments, but Card Nanny software allows consumers to track their monthly credit card expenses to avoid high debt and late payments.

“That’s where people need the most help,” Card Nanny Founder Oland Whitecotton said. “If you put most purchases on a card, you can quickly gain control of your finances with Card Nanny.”

Traditional bookkeeping software is designed to handle all of a user’s expenses, but Card Nanny focuses solely on credit cards and helps to identify poor spending habits by setting up monthly targets and customizing monthly budget goals.

“Card Nanny users develop higher credit scores over time,” Whitecotton said. “And that means they pay less on loans. For example, your car payment will go down and you’ll get the nice home you wanted.”

The software, which costs $5.95 per month, can send scheduled text reminders to a cell phone or email for hard-to-remember tasks and bills. Program users can also store basic credit card information in the event their purse or wallet is lost or stolen.

Additionally, the program features unlimited credit score tracking, allows consumers to track credit applications and reward points and carries a 30-day guarantee.

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