Capital One Bank releases new credit card

249px-Capital_One_Financial_logo.svgCapital One Bank recently made its new credit card Aspire World available for both domestic and international users.

The card will not charge its users an annual fee or a foreign fee on transactions such as meals and gifts. Foreign fees are common on a majority of credit and debit cards and generally add a 2.75 percent charge for each individual purchase.

The Aspire World credit card includes a standard APR of 19.9 percent.

Capital One Bank included a 1.25 percent cash back reward on the card for Pound Sterling spending. The system is set up so the more money card users spend, the more money they earn back.

The Aspire World credit card is comparable to other new cards on the market from Nationwide and the Post Office that also offer low charges. Capital One Bank said with the addition of the Aspire World card, consumers have a greater selection on which cash back credit card to obtain.

“It is actually quite refreshing to see credit cards on the market that focus on overseas fees as it is a growing market and consumers enjoy traveling, so if they can get cards without foreign charges and cash back incentive, it is bound to be popular especially in a market that is over-flowing with zero percent balance transfer deals,” United Kingdom finance comparison website said.

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