Canada’s Competition Tribunal upholds MasterCard rules

220px-MasterCard_Logo.svgCanada’s Competition Tribunal, a specialized court that composed of judicial and non-judicial members, reaffirmed on Tuesday three MasterCard rules designed to protect cardholders and ensure brand acceptance worldwide.

The tribunal upheld MasterCard’s no-surcharge, honor-all-cards and no-discrimination rules. The no-surcharge rule ensures that cardholders are not charged additional fees by merchants, and the honor-all-cards rule ensures that cardholders can use their cards wherever a MasterCard logo is displayed.

The no-discrimination rule is designed to prevent merchants from treating cardholders less favorably than if they were to present a different branded card.

“We want our cardholders to know that wherever they see the MasterCard emblem they can use any MasterCard confidently without extra charges tacked on and without discrimination,” MasterCard Canada President Betty K. DeVita said. “The data proves that retailers that accept MasterCard see an increase in sales and reduce their costs of handling cash and record keeping. We are pleased that we will continue to be able to protect consumers from unfair or unexpected fees at checkout.”

By upholding MasterCard’s rules, the tribunal effectively dismissed a complaint against MasterCard and Visa that alleged that the companies engaged in anti-competitive behavior, reports.

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