Brown faces tough re-election against Warren

Elizabeth WarrenEarly December polls show Elizabeth Warren soaring past Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) in their battle for Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat.

Brown secured the seat in a special election held in 2010. His victory against Martha Coakley, the state’s liberal attorney general, shocked pollsters around the nation as the seat has a long history of being Democratic.

Brown’s career in the Senate may be short-lived, however, if Warren continues to make gains.

Crossroads GPS, a Republican policy and grassroots advocacy organization widely known for its plethora of ads during the 2010 election cycle, has already begun airing an ad against Warren.

The ad portrays Warren as being cozy with Wall Street and mentions her role on the Congressional Oversight Panel that oversaw the bailout of the banks after the financial crisis, according to The ad also claims that Warren was responsible for the large bonuses received by Wall Street executives.

The ad largely contradicts the image Warren has painted of herself. On the campaign trail, she touts her role in creating the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and for being a staunch consumer rights advocate.

Warren was originally considered to be President Obama’s nominee to direct the CFPB. Her outspokenness and zest for strict financial regulations led Obama to choose someone less controversial, former Ohio attorney general Richard Cordray.

Cordray’s confirmation vote failed in the Senate in early December. Brown was the only Republican to vote in his favor. Observers say his vote was an attempt to look more moderate once it became apparent that Warren was leading in the polls, according to

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