BofA may be victim of hacking attack

Bank of America’s homepage has experienced serious disruptions for nearly five consecutive days, causing speculation that the website is under attack from a sizable group of hackers.

According to cyber-security professionals, a so-called denial of service attack is the only reasonable explanation for outages on multiple consecutive days, reports.

“The only reasonable conclusion is that they are under attack,” Steve Gibson, an internet security expert, said, according to  ”A site of that size should be expected to handle huge volume with no trouble at all…the only time we ever see anything like this is when some major site has upset a group of hackers.”

Bank of America said that the cause for the homepage outage has not been determined and are denying that is has any relation to the bank’s recent announcement that it will start charging its customers a $5 monthly fee for making debit card purchases.

"The cause is still under review, but we have ruled out hacking, malware, or any link to the debit fee,” Bank of America said, reports. “We have not said the issues were due to volume either.”

The bank is making arrangements with its customers who are being charged overdraft fees or having other issues due to the outage and is encouraging these customers to get in touch with a local branch and request a refund.

"We will work with each customer on an individual basis in regards to fees,” Tara Burke, a Bank of America spokesperson, said, reports.

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