BitPay to offer bitcoin payment translations in 10 additional languages

BitcoinBitPay announced last week that it will now offer translations into 10 additional languages as part of an effort to allow merchants to more easily conduct business in emerging markets.

The announcement will allow merchants that service international customers to present bitcoin payment instructions in the customer’s native language. The company said it is seeking sales engineers, a marketing director and software developers for its new offices in Amsterdam and Montreal.

“The European market for bitcoin adoption is very large, perhaps larger than in the United States,” BitPay co-founder and CEO Tony Gallippi said. “Nearly every European business can already deal in multiple currencies, a prerequisite which is rarely seen in the U.S. Many small businesses in Europe have frequent cross-border transactions to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa where a borderless payment system like bitcoin has great potential.”

The company also expanded its list of currencies in which merchants can set sales prices, with new additions including the Argentine peso, as well as the gold and silver troy ounce.

Exchange rates will be based on BitPay’s Bitcoin Best Bid rate calculation, which updates every one to two minutes and creates a consolidated level II market depth across a number of exchanges.

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