Barclaycard, Diners Club agreement to increase payment acceptance

Barclaycard.001Barclaycard and Diners Club International announced on Wednesday an agreement that will allow merchants around the globe to accept Discover and Diners Club cards using Barclaycard’s payment acquisition services.

Discover and Diners Club cards, which are already accepted in more than 185 countries worldwide, will be accepted by thousands more merchants beginning in early 2015.

“With our increasingly global economy, businesses of all sizes want to offer the widest possible range of payment methods,” Paulette Rowe, the managing director of Barclaycard global payment acceptance, said. “As one of the largest payment processors in the UK, this new agreement between Barclaycard and Diners Club International will allow our merchants to take payment from a wider range of overseas customers. Whether you run a small online shop or a global retail chain, accepting the widest possible range of payments will mean more choice for customers and more opportunities for businesses.”

Gerry Wagner, the vice president of Discover’s global acceptance, said the agreement will increase the company’s presence in the U.K., a destination of choice for its cardmembers.

“Not only will our cardmembers benefit from this increased acceptance, but Barclaycard Global Payment Acceptance merchants will find it easier to accept Discover Network and Diners Club International cards as method of payment, both in person and online,” Wagner said.

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