Bank of America looks to increase mobile banking

205px-Bank_of_America.svgBank of America boasts 12 million mobile banking customers, but the bank aims to increase its mobile customer through a teller registration program aimed at increasing customer awareness of mobile banking applications.

“Everyone has a device within three feet of them, and their financial lives are no different than another aspect when it comes to mobile,” David Godsman, the senior vice president of online and mobile solutions at BofA, said, according to American Banker.

The bank, which offers mobile banking via internet, text and mobile, has recently launched additional services, including person-to-person payments, contact-less payment functions and mobile remote deposit capture.

BofA is setting up quick response codes, popular barcodes used in advertising and the digital payment industry, that include data that can be used to deliver marketing materials or trigger certain transactions. Other major banks like JPMorgan Chase have begun testing QR codes to download apps, American Banker reports.

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular among merchants, who scan the barcodes to process payment for a transaction.

Godsman said that the bank allows users to provide feedback on the app.

“We’re able to get direct feedback at the page level about our functionality, and on the macro level we look at the broader engagement of [our larger base],” Godsman said, though he did not point to a specific number goal for the initiative, according to American Banker.

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