Bachmann says she would end Dodd-Frank if elected

Michelle BachmannRepublican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann promised to take her fight against government spending into the White House with her if elected president.

During a speech to Republican Party members in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday, Bachmann said that the first items on her agenda in the White House would be to rolling back the Dodd-Frank Act, which pounded Wall Street and banks of all sizes across the country with financial regulations.

“No compromise to liberty!” Bachmann said, reports. “No compromise. That’s America. We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.”

During her speech, Bachmann also said that she supports replacing the current tax code with a “flatter” one that has lower rates and fewer tax brackets.

Bachmann has been a member of Congress since 2007, representing the sixth district of Minnesota. Since she was elected into the House, she said she has been the “lone voice in the wilderness” that calls for a reduction in government spending, reports.

She opposed Congress’ move to raise the debt ceiling and said that the government should have implemented major spending cuts instead of borrowing more.

The rising debt, Bachmann said, is unsustainable and could lead the United States down the path that may require a bailout from other countries, according to

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