Australian ATM provider tests ATM advertisement plan to remove fees

Customers ATM, Australia’s biggest independent ATM provider, is considering removing fees for customers who will watch an ad during their transaction.

Customers ATM, which operates approximately 6,000 ATM terminals throughout Australia, said that the plan to run an ad during customer transactions follows in the footsteps of Free ATMs NYC, an ATM provider that links advertisers to provide free ATM transactions throughout New York City, ATM Marketplace reports.

“Time will tell,” Rohan Martin, corporate affairs manager for Customers ATM, said, according to ATM Marketplace. “Whilst the very large advertisers see [ATMs] as an excellent medium, we’re mindful that the intrinsic function of the terminal remains. That is convenience; it’s about people gaining cash in a safe and secure environment and doing that as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Some individuals, including Australian Bankers’ Association CEO Steven Munchenberg, are skeptical of the plan.

“Banks already use their ATMs as a form of advertising,” Munchenberg said, ATM Marketplace reports.

The fee-free idea may be a good idea, as a recent report in the Daily Telegraph reveals that two companies controlling a total 30 percent of Australia’s ATMs have raised fees from $2 to $2.50, 11 percent more than the American fee average and 22 percent more than the British fee average.

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