ATS announces new product to protect consumers’ identities

Barcode Scanning on WhiteRecently launched Advanced Technology Service announced its SpanCard Ultra Secure product, which aims to protect consumers’ identities by requiring personal information and combining it with biometric data.

The card features a barcode printed on plastic card stock the size of a credit card. The company has offices in Arizona and Florida, and its founders expect the product to change and protect how our personal ID information is secured.

“We have taken a different approach to ID security by first rethinking the entire process,” ATS Senior Developer and Programmer Larry Smith said. “We are now developing a new program that is 100 percent safe and secure.”

ATS co-owner Chris Spangler said the card is named such because its use “spans so many different industries,” adding that the card can be used as both a standalone ID card or can be incorporated with any bank or credit card.

Smith said the “next generation of identification security has arrived.”

“SpanCard Ultra Secure has been designed using several completely different aspects of card security heretofore never used,” Smith said. “Our proprietary software blends certain personal ID data with biometric data, and the result is a barcode on a card. Reverse engineering of the barcode is impossible since the number of possible incorrect results is in multiple of trillions of combinations and even then proprietary software would still be required. As for reverse engineering the software, any attempts to do so will simply cause the software to self-destruct.”

ATS is still developing the program and expects to introduce it to the market later in the year.

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