ATM operators combine resources for a strong voice

In order to give the nation’s independent ATM operators higher representation, the National Association of ATM ISOs and Operators and the Alliance of Specialized Communications Providers have combined to create the new National ATM Council.

"NAC will be our combined go-forward organization," Bruce Renard, the council’s executive director, said, reports. "The ways the organizations differ are NAAIO was more of an ISO organization and ASCP was non-ISOs, although there was some overlap between the two. We decided that it made better sense for the industry as a whole to combine our resources."

NAC’s first chairman will be Curt Selman of Selman Telecommunications Investment Group LLC, while Jim Cabe of Cabe & Cato, Inc., will serve as vice-chairman.

"The NAC will provide a strong industry voice and will have the critical mass needed to assure the industry’s views and positions are known by the nation’s policymakers,” Cabe said, reports.

The new organization’s membership will include a majority of independently owned ATMS in the United States. Its main focus will be on U.S. non-bank ATM providers.

Renard and Cato said that the most important issues on the council’s agenda include the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act  requirements for ATMs, the impact of the Durbin Amendment and the effects of EMV card rollouts, according to

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