AmEx partners with Riot Games to offer rewards program to League of Legends players

150px-American_Express_logo.svgAmerican Express announced on Monday a partnership with Riot Games to offer in-game rewards to League of Legends players through the American Express Serve Prepaid Account.

The AmEx Serve prepaid card integrates a reward-based system called RP+, which gives gamers Riot Points that can be used to purchase in-game items such as customization or boosts. RPs are given to gamers at sign-up and for each qualifying purchase made with the card.

“Riot Games is passionate about serving their players and giving them avenues for enhancing their gaming experience” Stefan Happ, the senior vice president for U.S. payment options at AmEx, said. “Together we’ve been able to create a great co-branded product with a unique rewards program that will help League of Legends players earn Riot Points whenever they use their Card to make qualifying purchases.”

The game has more than 32 million active monthly players around the world who log more than one billion hours of gameplay each month. Gamers who sign up for the rewards program have the option to receive a customized League of Legends card with their choice  of four champions or original game art.

Cardmembers can transfer money for free to fellow players with Serve accounts. Additionally, the account also offers free cash withdrawals at MoneyPass ATMs, direct deposit and bill pay.

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