AmEx adds technology capabilities to engage corporate business travelers

american expressAmerican Express announced on Monday new technological capabilities that leverage social gaming to reward policy-adherent traveler behaviors, update corporate card charges in real-time, establish a new mobile interface for AX Connect and a platform that integrates with TripCase.

“[AmEx] Global Business Travel’s commitment in 2013 to double our investment in technology is creating exciting opportunities for our business to introduce innovative products that deliver a connected, engaging travel experience; enhance the premium level of service core to American Express; and continue to address the safety, security and compliance concerns of our corporate clients,” Kim Goodman, the president of global business travel at AmEx, said.

AmEx has developed a pilot program that can be used by each companies’ culture and travel programs. The program uses social game mechanics to reward travelers for making decisions that adhere to their company’s travel policy.

The integration with TripCase, an itinerary management solution, will help global business travel clients with trip management by feeding trip details from AmEx directly to the traveler’s TripCase account and updating itinerary changes in real-time.

Additionally, corporate travelers now have access to real-time transaction alerts to expense management mobile applications. AmEx also added functionality to AX CONNECT, which allows travel managers to identify impacted travelers to improve traveler safety and mitigate potential risk.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the business travel industry as a whole is how to effectively integrate consumer-based expectations and technologies without sacrificing safety or compliance,” Goodman said. “Because of our strong technology foundation and proprietary data assets, American Express is able to deliver solutions that enhance travel and expense management by reaching our customers on the platforms and applications they use in their daily lives.”

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