Allied Wallet user base increases to more than 60 million

Allied WalletAllied Wallet, a credit card and digital payment processing firm, recently announced that its user base has expanded to include more than 60 million users around the world.

Over the past year, Allied has reported significant growth and was named one of the Fastest Growing Companies of 2012 by INC Magazine.

Allied CEO Andy Khawaja has interviewed with several publications and has provided insight into the future of e-commerce and his plans for the industry.

“I’m going to write the new era for the e-commerce business,” Khawaja said during an interview with Wired Magazine.

The company recently partnered with “Hemispheres,” United Airlines’ on-board magazine, to educate readers on e-commerce and the simplicity of starting a business.

Additionally, the company offers real-time, online credit card processing in 12 hours, though many merchants have reported that the Allied solution was integrated with shopping cart software and their website in half the time.

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