3Pea International launches PaySign payment processing platform

debit_cards3Pea International, a payments solution firm that specializes in prepaid debit processing and program management, recently announced the launch of its PaySign payment processing platform.

PaySign, which can facilitate EMV smart card payments, is built on modern cross-platform structure and is designed to be customizable, scalable and flexible. The platform, which is designed to incorporate new payment technologies and apps, will allow 3Pea to expand its operational abilities and enter new markets.

“We are extremely excited about the launch of our PaySign platform and the growth opportunities it affords 3Pea as both a payments processor and prepaid debit card manager,” 3Pea President and CEO Mark Newcomer said. “We are confident in our ability to successfully enter key market verticals and broaden our prepaid debit card offerings. We feel that the successful development and launch of the PaySign platform is a defining moment for 3Pea.”

PaySign, which has been in development for several years, meets PCI-DSS 2.0 compliance standards, will be crucial to the development and launch of PaySign prepaid cards, which will target general spending, corporate, government and international markets.

The user interface for the platform implements rapid rendering and web technologies that support multiple browsers, thereby simplifying card program administration.

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