121 Financial CU partners with teen blogger Eva Baker in youth market outreach

121 Financial Credit Union121 Financial Credit Union recently partnered with teen financial blogger Eva Baker, the founder of, in an effort to reach out to the youth financial market.

Baker, a 17-year-old resident of Jacksonville, Fla., who recently opened an account at 121 Financial, writes about the importance of savings and ways to earn income. Her site, which features many articles based on Baker’s own financial experiences, gets approximately 3,000 hits per month.

“As responsible business citizens, we think it is important that we help today’s young people her age about finances and money management,” Cindy Breslin, the vice president of marketing at 121 Financial, said. “We are always looking to add various programs to our efforts to reach out to the kids. And Eva has received a lot of positive attention for her website. She writes so well to young people her age about finances and money management. So we thought her website would be a great vehicle to tell the credit union story.

Last fall, Baker was nominated at the FinCon financial bloggers conference for a Plutus Award in the category of Best New Blogger.

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