Fidelity launches service to help employers, employees with retirement

Fidelity InvestmentsFidelity Investments announced on Monday the launch of Retirement Transition Services, a new offering designed to help employers and employees navigate health and wealth decisions before retirement.

“Employers tell us they want to help pre-retirees understand how to both convert their savings into lasting income and secure quality health coverage in retirement,” Chris Herman, the senior vice president of Fidelity’s Workplace Marketing, Solutions and Experience Group, said. “In response, we developed Retirement Transition Services to assist people through these crucial decisions and help them create a plan to live more securely throughout the next phase of their life.”

Retirement Transition Services is part of Plan for Life, which educates employees of all ages and stages on creating a retirement income plan and paying for healthcare costs. RTS offers professional account management and a number of other services and investment products.

Fidelity also offers tools like the Retirement Income Planner, which helps customers develop a plan based on an analysis of income and expenses, and the Income Strategy Evaluator.

The company also began offering Retiree Health Transition Services to Fidelity clients—the plan is available for both retirees and pre-retirees at employers that are transitioning from company-sponsored medical insurance to individual, private insurance.

Fidelity provides retirement and investment counseling through licensed advisors, who select private insurance from providers based on specific medical needs, Medicare eligibility, desired coverage and financial situation.

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