Fidelity Labs develops game to teach investment basics

Fidelity InvestmentsEarlier this month, Fidelity Labs released a pilot version of its investing game “Beat the Benchmark,” which combines gaming and asset allocation techniques to teach the basics of investing.

Co-developed using input from consumers, the game challenges investors to allocate assets in ways that will outperform a randomly set benchmark, and as players advance, each stage introduces tools designed to help them succeed.

“We’ve known for years that gaming could play a part in helping investors learn, and could potentially lead to better investment outcomes,” Sean Belka, the senior vice president and director of the Fidelity Center, said. “By developing a game based primarily on feedback from novice investors, our goal is to co-develop the future of online investing education. Since we began the project last year, we involved consumers early in the development process. Each new idea we get helps us incrementally improve the game, so that eventually we will deliver the best possible experiences for investors.”

After developing a diagram illustrating the game’s aims, Fidelity Lab experts reached out to consumers to gather input on the idea. Fidelity Lab developed the game one step at a time and incorporated user input along the way.

“This game is unique, and we invite the public to try out the pilot and tell us what they think,” Fidelity Labs Vice President Hadley Stern said. “Like our work with mobile services, social media and wearable computing, games like this are another example of the ongoing innovation at Fidelity Labs. Our goal is to continually create great experiences that help people become even more successful investors.”

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