Electronic Payments

SWACHA announces new board members for 2014

SWACHATexas-based SWACHA, one of the largest regional electronic payments associations in the country, announced the addition of eight new board members for 2014.

Charlie Schuchardt—the executive vice president of Frost Bank in San Antonio—will succeed Andy Littlejon as the board chairman, and Martin Bell—the executive vice president of Guaranty Bond Bank in Mt. Pleasant—will serve as vice chairman. Rhonda Kleinecke, the CFO of TDECU in Lake Johnson, was elected as the secretary-treasurer.

Kennth Clayton—the president of Western Bank in Artesia, N.M.— was chosen as a board member for a three-year term. Rhonda Festervand, the senior vice president of Allegiance Bank Texas in Houston, and Brandy Young, the senior vice president of OmniAmerican Bank in Ft. Worth, were appointed to fill two unexpired terms.

Donovan Shand, the senior vice president of Comerica, and Peter Davey, the vice president of Capital One, were appointed as advisory directors.

“We are very pleased with the new leadership for our board of directors,” SWACHA CEO Dennis Simmons said. “These professionals have all had a big impact in the industry, and we are excited to leverage their knowledge to the benefit of our members. They are joining an incredible group of financial professionals who have a strong voice on issues that are important to our industry.”

SWACHA’s 15-post board is comprised of members from nearly 1,000 financial institutions in Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas.

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