Treasury’s Lew: “What happens across global economic landscape matters…at home”

Jack Lew

Jack Lew

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said last week that because of the interconnectedness of the global economy, “what happens across the global economic landscape matters to us here at home.”

“Our prosperity grows when other countries succeed,” Lew said. “Economic challenges abroad reduce economic activity here in the U.S. And so we have a stake in each other’s future. We need the world to sustain greater growth, and the world continues to need the United States to be the backbone of a stable global economy.”

Lew said the Obama Administration is unsatisfied with the current pace of growth and job creation and called on Congress to make job creation and economic growth the “focal point” of its agenda to “further cement the United States as the best place to invest, hire and grow businesses.”

Lew pointed to a number of areas for coordination between Democrats and Republicans, including a long-term fiscal health agreement, immigration reform bill, tax reform bill and farm bill.

“So as we press forward, we know where we need to focus our efforts,” Lew said. “The priorities I just outlined are clear and doable. They amount to real solutions that will make a real difference for our economy now and in the future.”

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