“Spent: Looking for Change” documentary to highlight financial exclusion

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

“Spent: Looking for Change,” a documentary narrated by Tyler Perry, will premiere next week, shining light on the lives of millions of Americans who live outside the U.S. financial system.

The film, which is sponsored by American Express, will premiere on June 4 on The Young Turks’ YouTube and Hulu channels at 7 p.m. EST. The Young Turks is the self-proclaimed largest online news show in the world.

According to American Express, the film highlights issues that impact an estimated one in four American households that rely on alternative financial services such as payday lenders and pawn shops to meet basic financial needs.

“I know about this issue first-hand and how expensive it is to not be a part of the mainstream financial system,” Perry said. “Growing up the way I did, there was no education about how important it was to be financially responsible. That’s why I felt compelled to participate in this film—to help educate others and advocate for better options.”

Dan Schulman, the president of enterprise growth at American Express, said the company hopes to encourage national discussion about potential changes and trends in the financial services industry.

“Change is possible and we believe financial exclusion is a solvable problem, but it’s going to take lots of people working together, raising awareness and investing in initiatives that help to create better, more affordable financial solutions for everyone,” Schulman said.

The film will also be available for free on American Express’ YouTube channel and at

An event will also be held simultaneously with the documentary premiere at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. A full screening of the film will be held, followed by a Q&A session with Executive Producer Davis Guggenheim and Director Derek Doneen.

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