IMF to help member countries move past stabilization to growth

200px-International_Monetary_Fund_logo.svgThe International Monetary Fund announced last week that it will focus on helping member countries move from stabilization to growth in coming months.

“The global recovery has been uneven and more subdued than hoped,” Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, said. “Moving from stabilization to strong, sustainable, balanced and inclusive growth remains a work in progress and requires more ambitious policy implementation. The IMF will assist its members in delivering on this task, including through assessments and policy advice provided in the context of bilateral and multilateral surveillance, as well as capacity building and financial support.”

To reach its goal, the IMF will focus analysis for advanced economies on macroeconomic policies designed to support the recovery, including fiscal consolidation and the sequencing and impact of the normalization of monetary policy.

The fund will provide assistance to emerging market economies to help them improve their resilience to market shocks and evaluate the path of potential growth to identify reforms to support growth.

In low-income nations, the IMF plans to help strengthen policy buffers to protect against market shocks and to push for policies that encourage inclusive growth, with a focus on capacity building. The fund will continue to provide support to Arab countries in transition, as well as smaller, more fragile economies.

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