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House releases principles related to online sales tax

national retail federationA House committee recently released a set of principles addressing the collection of online sales tax, a hot topic among retailers and distributors, in a move that drew the praise of industry groups.

The National Retail Federation welcomed the House Judiciary Committee’s release of principles related to tax relief, tech neutrality, no regulation without representation, simplicity, tax competition, states’ rights and privacy rights.

“These principles will serve as a legislative roadmap for advancing sales tax fairness legislation in the House of Representatives, and demonstrate that Congress is listening to the pleas of local, community retailers and merchants, who continue to face an unfair competitive disadvantage with their online competitors,” NRF Senior Vice President for Government Relations David French said. “NRF looks forward to analyzing and discussing these principles with our members, and remains confident that Congress will address the unlevel playing field this legislative session. We look forward to providing critical feedback to the Committee and welcome any opportunity to participate in forthcoming legislative hearings.”

In conjunction with the new principles’ release, the NRF released a video on sales tax fairness featuring small business owners and retail leaders who call for Congress to address the online sales tax debate.

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