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Report: Executive order on cybersecurity gets “cautiously optimistic” reception

Cyber SecurityThe Congressional Research Service recently released a report on cybersecurity that found that while industry reception of the executive order on cybersecurity has been “cautiously optimistic,” it is too early to determine whether the order has achieved its goals.

In February, President Obama issued an executive order aimed at strengthening the security of infrastructure by increasing information sharing and the joint development of cybersecurity practices.

The executive order expanded the voluntary Enhanced Cybersecurity Services Program, allowing near real-time cyber threat information sharing to assist infrastructure firms in their cyber protection efforts.

The order also directed the National Institute of Standards and Technology to work with infrastructure stakeholders to develop cybersecurity framework based on existing international practices and procedures found to be effective.

“It appears to be too early in the implementation of the executive order to determine how effectively the concerns described above will be addressed and whether the response will satisfy critics and skeptics,” the report reads. “Overall, however, response to the order from the private sector—including critical-infrastructure entities, trade associations and cybersecurity practitioners—appears to be cautiously optimistic.”

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