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Report: Demand for cybersecurity professionals outpaces supply

Cyber Data SecurityA new report released by Burning Glass Technologies showed cybersecurity job postings have risen 74 percent since 2007, outpacing the growth of IT jobs overall, though the demand far exceeds the pool of qualified candidates.

According to the report, cybersecurity postings remain open 24 percent longer than all IT jobs. In 2013, there were more than 200,000 national postings for cybersecurity jobs, representing 10 percent of all IT job postings.

The average advertised salary for a cybersecurity position was $93,028—more than $15,000 higher than IT roles overall. Industries with the greatest demand for cybersecurity professionals included finance and insurance, manufacturing and defense and professional services.

The top 10 cities for cybersecurity postings included Washington, D.C., New York, San Francisco/San Jose, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore and Seattle.

Last year, high-profile cybercrimes targeted the networks of at least 17 major retail entities and financial institutions, including Visa and NASDAQ. Data from the FBI showed nearly 300,000 entities reported cyberattacks that resulted in losses of more than $525 million.

“The demand for cybersecurity talent appears to be outstripping supply,” Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman said. “In 2013U.S. employers posted 50,000 jobs requesting a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, recruiting from a pool of only 60,000 CISSP holders. This is a huge gap between supply and demand.”

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