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Prelert reports expansion in demand for anomaly detection in big data

Cyber Data SecurityAnomaly detection firm Prelert announced on Monday record expansion going into 2014, driven in part by increased concerns regarding data breaches at retailers.

Prelert said IT security was the most commonly cited case for use among new customers, accounting for 25 percent of new deployments during 2013. Other commonly cited use cases included IT operations and app and services performance management.

Last year, the company formed partnerships with SMT Corp., Turnberry Solutions and Cymbel, as well as Kiratech and GKC.

The company’s anomaly detection and behavioral analytics allow organizations to uncover real-time risk in massive data sets. Prelert said that while traditional IT security strategies involve a heavily guarded network and monitoring for known threats, its automated anomaly detection works to ensure security in a world of rapidly changing threats and cyberattackers looking for weaknesses.

The automated solution analyzes a security network and potential threats, and then flags the threats or resolves them without the need for human intervention.

“We’re seeing a growing interest in anomaly detection and machine learning technologies in general—not only from our customers, but through a number of new startups and notable mergers and acquisitions that have taken place in the industry,” Prelert CEO Mark Jaffe said. “When you combine that market activity with the number of job openings around the industry for data scientists, you can clearly see that organizations are searching for options that can help them find opportunities and threats within big data. The fact that Prelert has packaged that technology for easy use by any user or developer makes this a really exciting time for us.”

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