Cyber Security

Logic PD engineers develop solution to prevent mobile payments fraud

Cyber SecurityA team of engineers and designers from Logic PD recently unveiled a solution aimed at reducing the incidence of identity fraud in mobile payments.

The platform unveiled by the team at the Logic PD ACME-thon late last month uses NFC authentication and camera imaging to protect consumers. The team’s members included designers and engineers Kevin Holland, Luke Buer, Matt Hilden and Erik Johnson, who took third place in last month’s event.

When a customer makes a purchase using a form of mobile payment, a kiosk snaps a picture of the purchaser, which can then be integrated into the user’s digital transaction record, allowing users to identify fraudulent transactions.

“Our hackathon was an opportunity for our experts to explore possibilities of useful solutions to today’s challenges,” Logic PD CTO and Executive Vice President Scott Nelson said. “With the recent significant breaches in security at leading retailers, the need for this type of solution is particularly meaningful.”

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