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Intellicheck Mobilisa releases MexiScan ID authentication software

Intellicheck MobilisaIntellicheck Mobilisa recently released its new software MexiScan, which will allow financial institutions, retailers and hoteliers to authenticate Mexican driver’s licenses and IDs.

The technology scans IDs issued in Mexico to automatically populate credit card and store loyalty club applications, verify age and authenticate ID and check in guests. The product is similar to Intellicheck Mobilisa’s ID Check software, which allows retailers to verify U.S. and Canadian IDs.

“It just made sense to create a product to read Mexican IDs,” Intellicheck Mobilisa President and CEO Nelson Ludlow said. “Our national retail and hospitality customers want to ensure they are safely handling personal identity information for all of their customers, not just U.S. citizens.”

According to Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project, Hispanics of Mexican origin account for 11 percent of the U.S. population.

“Our impetus to develop MexiScan has come from our U.S. clients, particularly banks that want to be able to safely and easily set up accounts for Mexican citizens,” Ludlow said. “But there is also a large addressable market for our software in Mexico. It is a major market and we are pleased to provide this same technology in use in the United States for use in Mexico.”

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