Cyber Security

Goodwill investigates potential breach involving customers’ credit info

Cyber SecurityGoodwill announced on Monday that it is currently investigating a potential data breach involving consumers’ credit card information after a payment card industry fraud investigative unit and federal authorities alerted the organization to potential theft.

“Goodwills across North America take the data of consumers seriously and their community well-being is our number one concern,” the organization said in a statement. “Goodwill Industries International is working with industry contacts and the federal authorities on the investigation. We will remain apprised of the situation and will work proactively with any individual local Goodwill involved taking appropriate actions if a data compromise is uncovered.”

Headquartered in Maryland, Goodwill is a network of 165 independent agencies in the U.S. and Canada with a presence in 14 other countries.

The organization’s retail outlets sell donated clothing and household items, the proceeds of which are then used to fund job training programs and other community initiatives.

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