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Dell SecureWorks’ Multz: Banks must protect against social engineering

Jeff Multz

Jeff Multz

Jeff Multz, the director of midmarket North America at Dell SecureWorks, recently said that community banks need to protect against social engineering and associated risks.

In the March/April edition of “The Texas Independent Banker,” a publication of the Independent Bankers Association of Texas, Multz said social engineering, in which an attacker poses as a legitimate prospective customer in order to get a bank employee to download an attached file with malware enclosed, is a threat to all community banks, both large and small.

“Attackers often target smaller banks to perfect an attack before launching it on larger banks,” Multz said. “Attackers will also invade a community bank’s network to get access to its customers and its business partners’ computer networks. These attacks often start with social engineering.”

Multz said social engineers often use social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to locate company emails for employees and send them emails with malware.

He said community banks can help prevent social engineering by encouraging employees to deny friend requests on social media sites if the individual is not known and to maintain private social media settings.

Additionally, Multz said community banks must consistently train their staff on cybersecurity through meetings and memos. He also said banks should encourage a company culture that questions unusual activity and policy violations.

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