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CHARGE Anywhere releases ComsGate E2E encryption solution

Cyber Data SecurityCHARGE Anywhere recently launched the ComsGate eCrypt solution—designed for the ISO/MSP channel—which allows merchants, developers and systems personnel to process card payments with end-to-end encryption.

“Merchants, developers and integrators need a solution that will enable them to seamlessly achieve the highest level of transaction security possible regardless of their processor or payment environment,” CHARGE Anywhere CEO Paul Sabella said. “ComsGate eCrypt can equip merchants, developers and integrators with advanced E2E encryption technology while also providing them with the flexibility of choosing the POS device that meets the customers’ needs.”

The solution features PCI Level 1 payment gateway services, PCI 3.0 EMV L1/L2 payments terminals or mPOS devices and remote key management technology. It will be showcased at the Electronic Transaction Association’s TRANSACT 14 conference from April 8-10 and will be released to ISOs in mid-April.

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