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Wells Fargo to offer chip-based cards to Visa credit card customers

wellsfargoWells Fargo announced recently that Visa credit card customers will have the option to request a card with chip-based technology.

When a new card is requested, it will be outfitted with chip-based technology, Visa payWave and a magnetic stripe, allowing cardholders to use it at various types of point-of-sale terminals with enhanced security for both contactless and contact transactions, Payments News reports.

“As chip cards are become increasingly popular overseas, we want to make sure our customers have the ability to order a card from us that is designed to work wherever they go in the world,” Peter Ho, the manager of digital payments for Wells Fargo’s Consumer Financial Services group, said, according to Payments News.

Wells Fargo began rolling out the new chip-based cards in 2011 in a pilot with Visa, which included 15,000 customers who traveled internationally. The success of the 2011 pilot led the company to launch the By Invitation Visa Signature chip-enhanced credit card in 2012 for bank clients.

All Wells Fargo cards feature Zero Liability protection, meaning cardholders are not liable for any unauthorized charges on the card, when reportedly promptly. The cards contain an embedded microprocessor, which features a number of security mechanisms.

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